Industrial Drum Pumps, Industrial Container Pumps, Industrial Pumps from Metex Corporation

Metex Corporation Limited is a leading supplier of industrial drum pumps, container pumps, chemical feed pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, centrifugal pumps, chemical metering pumps, to meet any application requirements.

Pumps are supplied from leading manufacturers such as Albany Pump Company Ltd., Blue White Industries, Camac Pumps, Helwig Pumps, Webster Pumps, Lutz Pumps, Neptune Chemical Pumps, Stenner Pumps, and Walchem. Pumps are available in a variety of sizes and materials such as CPVC, KYNAR®, Polypropylene, Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel and Rubber Line Steel.


  • A&F Machine Products Co.

    A&F Machine Products Co., manufacturer of Helwig Chemical Feed Pumps and related water treatment equipment.

  • Albany Pump Company Ltd.

    Albany Pump Company Ltd., manufacturers Helical Gear Pumps, CEP-Series Excess Pressure Pumps, Utility Gear Pumps, 12-24 Volt Centrifugal Pumps, Condensate Return Units, Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Hand Pumps. Albany Pump Company Ltd., is a distributor of pupsfor any application from major manufacturers such as Burks Pumps, Myers Pumps, Oberdorfer Pumps, MTH Pumps, Goulds Pumps and Hydra Cell Pumps.

  • Blue White Industries

    Blue-White Industries CHEM-FEED diaphragm type and, FLEXFLO peristaltic type metering pumps are designed for efficient, accurate chemical injection. Metering injectors are offered with many standard voltage and output rate options.

  • Camac Pumps

    Camac Pumps are centrifugal in design and constructed of rugged CPVC, KYNAR®, Polypropylene, Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel and Rubber Line Steel. Most models are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Mechanical seals are standard, with water cooled double mechanical seals available for extreme duty applications. Hostile environment energy efficient motors are also available.

  • Hayward/Webster Pumps

    Hayward/Webster Pumps don't just stand up to corrosive chemicals, they stand the test of time. Whether they're pumping for aeration, agitation, filtration, recirculation, spraying or transfer, these rugged, continuous duty pumps are ideal for the plating, electronics, photo processing, pollution control, chemical processing, and water treatment industries.

  • Lutz Pumps

    Lutz Pumps has focused its efforts on the specialist field of "Drum and Container Pumps". Since we are the leading company, worldwide, in this field we are able to be of greatest benefit to our customers and the environment. The wide variety of application, liquids and container dimensions has determined the spread of the Lutz range now extending to Tank pumps, Air operated double diaphragm pumps and Magnetic drive pumps as well as a complete range of flow meters.

  • Neptune Chemical Pump Company

    Neptune Chemical Pump Company manufactures chemical metering pumps including hydraulic diaphragm metering pump,electronic diaphragm metering pump, fertilizer pump, chemigation pump and accessories.

  • Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps

    Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps are based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers reliable performance. The time-tested designed is renowned for consistent quality and ease of service, which increases dependability for users while reducing service time and expense.

  • Walchem

    Walchem has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of on-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps over the last 25 years. Our mission is to provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control.